Information Technology Services

The accessibility and security of an organization’s data is increasingly relevant in today’s information technology driven world.  Protecting the networks that house the confidential financial, personal, and health related data is no longer optional.

As such, it’s not surprising that governments and businesses are searching for ways to ensure their networks are secure.  The E+P Information Technology Services offerings help organizations mitigate risks to their critical data and systems through our proven approach to risk assessment and remediation.

IT Risk Assessment

At E+P, our IT professionals take a personal approach by meeting with your team to understand how IT fits in your organization’s strategy.  Then we work independently or side-by-side with your team to identify and evaluate information security risks that may have a significant impact on the reliability of your organization’s data and the continuity of operations.  We highlight the potential concerns and, if you wish, assist you with remediation measures.  Our IT Risk Assessments help make your IT environment more secure!

Vulnerability Assessment

Taking the IT Risk Assessment one step further, the E+P Professionals utilize specialized tools to scan your network, inside and out, to identify technical system weaknesses. This includes a systematic audit of available services, searching for known deficiencies in the network, operating systems, and application layers. We identify the vulnerabilities, share the details with our clients, and suggest specific corrective measures.  Recommendations are prepared in a way that enables them to be interpreted and utilized by both the management and technical professionals on your team.  Let us help you find and fix the weaknesses in your own systems before the bad-guys do!