Management Advisory Services

Effective consulting begins with taking the time to understand your circumstances and goals.  Once the issues are clearly identified, we can begin the solution process.

At E+P, we believe in an integrated approach to financial planning. Your goals for your business and your personal goals and needs should be considered in your overall financial planning. E+P understands the stresses placed on companies with the requirements of today’s complex and regulated environment and are devoted to easing that burden.  Whether your priority is business expansion, college funds for your children, saving for retirement, or other goals, we can identify options to assist you in making solid, informed decisions.

Our services often include analysis of your business, benchmarking, strategic planning concepts, and succession planning.  We may be able to assist you in addressing a specific problem which needs to be resolved to allow your business to progress.  As your business grows, systems need to be modified.  Internal controls need to be evaluated and possibly changed.  A fraud risk assessment may be in order.  Whether you need someone for brainstorming or just a sounding board, we are here to help.