In order for E+P business to grow, we need dynamic team players committed to a future in accounting. We are interested in qualified staff at all levels and we know that the most valuable training occurs on the job. A diverse client base exposes our staff members to a wide variety of challenges, and leads to learning experiences across many industries. New staff members learn a great deal in just a few months and benefit directly from the greater experiences of the managers and partners, discussing technical questions as they arise. Every team member will expand their capabilities and financial knowledge working at E+P.

If you are interested in joining our firm, please email us at:

How We Hire Our Talent
E + P conducts on-campus interviews for full-time recruits at California State University, San Bernardino and University of California, Riverside. Additionally, we hold an annual open house and in-house interviews so candidates have the opportunity to meet more of our associates and experience our firm’s culture.

When does E&P recruit on campus?
Full-time recruiting takes place in the fall of each academic school year. Check with your University’s career center for more information on how to apply. Also, look for E&P professionals recruiting at the following Meet the Firms events:

What is the process if on-campus interviews aren’t conducted by E&P at my university?
Please submit your resume to

We offer new college graduates:

  • CPA review course assistance
  • CPA sittings reimbursement, upon completion
  • CPE and professional membership reimbursement
  • Industry webinars
  • Work-life balance

We offer experienced professionals:

  • Alternative work arrangements
  • Life-long learning opportunities
  • Specialty license (CFE) and certification reimbursement
  • Retirement planning and investment options with E&P insurance broker