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Organizations are searching for ways to ensure, not hope, their networks are actually secure.  EP helps you mitigate risks for your critical data and systems through our proven approach to risk assessment and remediation.

The question, “how do you know what you don’t know” is a key driver that keeps most awake at night. As CPAs, we know the internal, market, and insurance costs organizations face when trying to address an attack or ransom crisis –it is better and more cost-efficient to work on prevention before than fixes after. By working with EP, you can have the confidence we understand the required integration of both the financial impact and technology implications for your security.

Here are three examples of services we can help your organization progress towards a more protected and resilient network at much less cost than trying to address the same issues after an attack:

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment is the first, basic understanding of where your security is currently. Our Security Engineers meet with your organization’s IT and Senior Management staff to identify the effectiveness you have and the risks you face. Your security policies and procedures will be evaluated for effectiveness against “how the bad guys have improved their techniques.” From there, we can offer advice and suggestions to help create a more secure environment for your users.

Vulnerability Scan

EP deploys specialized system ware, onsite and remotely, to conduct an extensive evaluation of every piece of hardware connected to your network(s). These scans review patches, software, firmware, and configurations on routers, switches, servers, workstations, printers, and other devices. These scans, run over a period of time, produce reports detailing the known vulnerabilities on your network. Remediation to reduce the found vulnerabilities is provided and can be resolved, either by your IT staff or our IT specialists.

Security Assessment

Security Assessment enlists security engineers to review your active directory, evaluate the configurations of hardware, and assess backups and backup methodologies, going beyond the limitations of software surface analysis. After hardware, software, backups, and security policies are reviewed, we will present the findings and a set of recommended changes will be provided to you and your IT department.

Let Us Help You Today! Cybersecurity is an ongoing planning, implementation, and control function for all organizations. To ignore or become lax about your current system today can be an expensive fix tomorrow.

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